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Shane & Brooke

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I can't possibly begin to describe how incredible it was working with Miya Carew. But I'll try. Warning: there's a lot of positive adjectives and metaphors coming.

From start to finish, throughout the entire crazy, ridiculous process of building a wedding basically from scratch, Miya was our guiding light, our North Star leading us to the Promised Land, our guardian angel who shepherded our Big Day from a once-jumbled mess of random ideas, propositions, and off-kilter expectations into the most beautiful, jaw-dropping well-oiled machine a wedding could possibly be. From working with vendors with class and precision, scheduling and coordinating the day-of to a tee, handling various family and friends in all aspects with grace and a deft touch, and basically making sure my wife and I had the most enjoyable (and least-stressful) time humanly possible, Miya truly went above and beyond the call of duty, wildly exceeding expectations anyone reasonably could have. She's also cool as heck, is basically friendlier and more talented than anyone you've ever met in this industry, and will make your wedding planning, and your life, better. Really. Legitimately a 10/10. Actually, nope. Doesn't do it justice. 11/10. If I could, this would be a six-star review, guys. Six. Go with Miya. 

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Lindsey & Geoff 

My wedding was in October 2018 at the Casino San Clemente, with Miya providing day-of coordination.

This is truly the best wedding decision I made! Miya Carew was our coordinator and she was with us every step of the way. She proactively set up calls with us and came prepared with to do lists and questions we hadn't even thought of before. As soon as we would get off the phone with her, I would see emails coming through from Miya to other vendors keeping things moving and correct.

Miya also had great suggestions for connecting us with other vendors in the area, ideas for decorating, how to structure the ceremony and reception, and how to keep all the various pieces on budget. Honestly, I don't think we could have pulled this all together without her!

On the actual day of the wedding, she had everything running like clockwork. I really didn't worry about a single thing. They say every wedding has at least one thing go wrong, but I can't think of anything that did, and that's all thanks to Miya and the other wonderful vendors working the event! She made it so we could just enjoy the day with no stress. If you're looking for someone who will take charge, not let anything slip through the cracks, have beautiful ideas, and also is just an all-around nice and wonderful person, you can't go wrong with Miya!

Kathryn & Greg

Miya, is absolutely incredible! She goes above and beyond for all of your visions for your big day and truly makes the process less stressful and more fun! Our day went so well because of Miya and her team and we couldn't be happier! Last but not least, Miya is also all around just an awesome person and we hope to see her again!

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Anna & Ryan 

I loved working with Miya! She was very responsive throughout the entirety of my lengthy engagement. She's organized yet super relaxed/flexible and cool as a cucumber. I feel like Miya also went above and beyond for us in so many ways: from mailing me various napkin swatches when I wasn't able to drive to the rental showroom, to making sure we got to enjoy cocktail hour food, to dropping us off at our after party.... even going as far as to help one of my "eccentric" wedding guests fix her fake eyelashes. Our day went so perfectly and smoothly, thanks to Miya!

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